Rasa & Ollie

When - 12/05/2018

Where - Berkeley Castle

Photographer - Alexis Jaworski

Rasa and Ollie -128.jpg

Rasa’s wedding dress was truly unique. From the very first consultation, making the dress adaptable was key.

The wedding was held at the beautiful Berkeley Castle and so it was important that the dress was grand enough for such a venue. But, how did we then create a dress suitable for the amount of dancing that was very much a focus for Rasa, without the need to have 2 dresses…

Quite simply, we created the dress in parts. Starting with an over-skirt, this was designed to work with the dress beneath. It had some hidden hooks behind a couture style bow. This gave the illusion that there was only the one larger skirt.

And who doesn’t love a wedding dress with Pockets!

To create a really ‘Regal’ look, a beautiful European lace was used to make a full sleeved Jacket, this was finished by hand with a scalloped neck-edge and buttons to the cuff.

A Beautiful long veil with some lace appliques, was the finishing touch to ceremony look.

Rasa and Ollie -41.jpg

For the evening, Rasa wanted a more glamorous look.

We slimmed the skirt of the dress underneath and created a stunning beaded belt.

This was ultimately why the decided fabric was chosen to create the dress and over-skirt. It had to be beautiful in it’s own right, and so we used a Zibeline. This is less shiny than a satin, but not as stiff as taffeta, therefore the best of both!

Rasa thought of every little detail for her wedding look, and we loved her beautiful earrings and nude nails, as well as her relaxed hair style, the whole look was versatile!

Congratulations to Rasa and Ollie